Rental Agreement  
1. User
The driver of the rented vehicle will be henceforth termed as the ‘user’ and will be considered responsible for all transactions between the user and Bagzpack Automotive Technology Pvt. Ltd., referred to as the ‘company’ for the purpose of this document. The user hiring a rental vehicle with Bagzpack is assumed to have accepted the terms stated by the company.
2. Age
The user must be of age to rent a vehicle from the company. It is required for the user should be minimum 21 years old to rent vehicles.  
3. Required Documentation
▪          The user must have a valid driving license issued by the Government of India.
▪          The user must scan and upload the license to complete their registration on the company website.
▪          The user should be carrying their original Driving License for verification and an alternate ID proof at the time of possession of the vehicle.
▪          Only Voter ID, Aadhaar card and Passport issued by the Government of India are considered as valid ID proofs.
▪          In case the user cannot prove their identification, the company has the right to void their booking.  
4. Vehicle Pickup and Return
The user can find a list of company pickup points for possession of the vehicle and intimate their favored point ahead of time. If the user wants a home pickup, an extra INR 250 will be charged. The rental vehicle must be returned at the same pickup point from which it was hired. A company representative will verify the condition of the vehicle.  
5. Security Deposit
The company does not charge any security deposit on bookings. However, a small fee and credit card details will be required depending upon the situation.  
6. Fuel
The rental vehicle must be returned with the same amount of fuel in the tank as it was at the time of possession.  
7. Rental Period
▪          The Rental Period is the time from possession of the vehicle till the return of the vehicle to a company representative.
▪          The rental charges will be calculated according to the tariff intimidated to the user at the time of booking.
▪          Minimum booking duration for a rental vehicle is 12 hours.
▪          The user will be billed according to the rental period and rental vehicle. Any government taxes are additional.
▪          The company does not allow multiple bookings over a single Driver’s license. If such a case is found, the company holds the right to terminate all accounts and/or any bookings made from those accounts for rental vehicle.  
8. Penalty
▪          A penalty will be imposed if the user retains the rental vehicle for more than the booked rental period.
▪          Additional charges will apply in case of any damage to the vehicle or accessories. For more information on this, read our Damage Policy.
▪          The user is liable to pay any traffic rule violations. The company cannot be held responsible by any party for the same. ▪          The rental vehicle must be clean at the time of return. If found dirty, penalty will be charged.
▪          Pets are not allowed in the Bagzpack rental vehicles. A penalty will be charged if found guilty.  
9. Taxes
▪          Government taxes will be charged as per norms.
▪          Toll taxes will be borne by the user