Damage & Break down policy  

1. Repairs and Reimbursement  
1.1. In case of minor repairs, say, refining of the coolant or changing the bulbs (expenses under INR 1000), the expenses will be reimbursed by the company.
1.2. In case the charges for repairs cross over INR 1000, the user must inform the company before initiating the repairs. No reimbursement will be provided without prior information.
1.3. A printed receipt must be provided by the user or a handwritten receipt with the user's name on it for the repairs. Without receipt, no expenses will be considered for reimbursement.
1.4. All particulars mentioned here are non-exhaustive and the company reserves all the rights to process reimbursement based on verification of claims and internal investigation.    

2. Breakdowns  
2.1. The user must immediately inform the company in case of any vehicle breakdown or member failure. Bagzpack will provide a replacement vehicle if the vehicle cannot be repaired. However, is subject to availability within 50 km radius from any of our pick up points.
2.2. In case of unavailability of the replacement vehicle and if the user cannot find any Roadside Assistance (RSA), the user will have to bear all the expenses. These expenses might be for towing, repairs or any other cost. If the breakdown is found to be due to the user’s fault, then they will have to pay the entire amount for repairs of any damage.
2.3. In case of any issues related to a mechanical or electrical failure in the vehicle, the user is expected to inform Bagzpack’s customer service team immediately. If the issue is within a radius of 50 km from the starting point of the ride, it will be considered as a valid reason and the user will be entitled to a replacement vehicle. However, if the issue arises beyond 50 km radius from the starting point of the ride, it will be considered as a fault of the user. This might be due to negligence, harsh and incorrect use of the vehicle or rash driving. The Bagzpack team will not be entertaining any requests under these circumstances. Serious issues related to clutch, brakes or engine components of the rented vehicle, will only be entertained if brought to notice within 50 km radius of the ride’s starting point.
2.4. The list of breakdown and member failure is non-exhaustive. It is subject to variability in issues which are in any part of the vehicle. Bagzpack holds complete right to reject any claims of reimbursement in such cases.    

3. Traffic rules violation and other incidents  
3.1. The user is responsible for informing the company about any kind of accident, damage to the vehicle and/ or public property or any injury to any individual(s). Filing a police report in such cases is mandatory.
3.2. In case of any such event, the user must provide details like name, license number, and address to the company, including the details of witnesses (if any). The circumstances pertaining to the incident occurred must also be shared in detail with the company. In case of any filing of a lawsuit, the user must provide complete assistance to the authorities with any kind of investigation.
3.3. The user is solely responsible for any kind of violation of the traffic rules, including over speeding, wrong parking, breaking traffic signal, etc. Thus, it is the responsibility of the user to pay any kind of penalty or fine levied on the vehicle number for the same. Also, relevant proofs, challan copy, etc. must be submitted to the company.
3.4. In case there is a complete loss of with the vehicle, the user must provide a NOC to the company obtained from local RTO stating that the user was in no way involved or associated with the issue that has occurred.    

4. List of Activities with their Penalty charges  
Activities Penalty Loss of Car Accessories   INR 10,000 or the cost of lost accessories (higher option will be applicable) Not Keeping the Car Clean INR 1000 or the cost of cleaning (higher option will be applicable) Any Damage to the Car Interiors or Exteriors Due to Colours INR 1000 or the cost of cleaning (higher option will be applicable) Tampering of Devices INR 10,000 & the cost of repair Over Speeding above 80 Km/Hr 1st Violation – a warning will be issued 2nd Violation – a fine of INR 1000 Subsequent Violations – an extra INR 1500 for each violation Over Speeding Above 100 Km Per Hour A Penalty of INR 1500 Any Damages to The Car Damage Costs upto INR 10,000 External Branding (Stickers, Wedding/Flower Decorations etc.) INR 10,000 & the cost of damage repairs Loss of car keys INR 2000 & cost of replacement Towing or Impounding (User’s Fault)            Full Towing/Impounding Cost on Actuals Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol   Complete cost of vehicle damage (Over the Security Deposit) Damage caused intentionally or on purpose (Driving after an accident/Rash driving/Driving in unfavourable conditions) Complete cost of vehicle damage (Over the Security Deposit) Not Driving Yourself (Only the booking holder is allowed to drive) Complete cost of vehicle damage (Over the Security Deposit)     Note that all applicable charges will be deducted from the security deposit. In case where the security deposit is not sufficient to cover the charges, the balance must be paid by the user electronically. Additional taxes (GST) as per Government norms will be applied on all transactions.